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Mississippi Crime Statistics

FBI Crime Data Explorer- Archive of Most Recent National, State, and City Crime Statistics

Bureau of Justice Statistics Annual Prisoners Series

Mississippi Department of Corrections Annual Reports, Monthly Fact Sheets, and Daily Inmate Populations

Assessing the Cost of Compliance – November 2006 

Comparison of Community-Based Models for Youth Offenders, Part I: Program Effectiveness and Cost Effectiveness – January 2000

Delinquency Risks/Needs Management and Equitable Treatment of Juveniles in Mississippi – March 1998 

A Comprehensive Model for Effective Juvenile Justice: Recommendations for Improving the Mississippi Juvenile Justice System – February 2011 

Juvenile Detention Monitoring in Mississippi: Report on Facility Compliance with Section 5 of the Juvenile Justice Reform Act of 2005 – January 2006 

Juvenile Detention Standards Monitoring and Cost Analysis Project – November 2006 

Mental Health Screening in Mississippi Juvenile Detention Centers – February 2003 

Review of Mississippi Juvenile Detention Centers Policies and Procedures Manuals – November 2006 

Predicting Risk for Recidivism: Improving the Delinquency Risk Assessment Scale – December 1999 

Prevalence of Mental Illness and Substance Abuse Disorders Among Incarcerated Juvenile Offenders – July 2001

Ruback, R. B., Cares, A. C., & Hoskins, S. N. (2006). Evaluation of Best Practices in Restitution and Victim Compensation Orders and Payments. Report to the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, Summarized in The Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing Research Bulletin, September 2006.