Megan Stubbs-Richardson

Megan Richardson HeadshotDr. Megan Stubbs-Richardson is an Assistant Research Professor at the Center for Cyber Innovation (CCI) and a Research Fellow at the Social Science Research Center (SSRC) of Mississippi State University (MSU). She received her Ph.D. in Sociology with emphasis in Criminology from MSU in 2018. Her research interests include crime, technology, and society, open source intelligence, and school safety. In her work, she examines the positive and negative forces of digital and electronic media use as it relates to crime and crime prevention. She also researches bullying and bullying prevention in schools. As a Project Scientist for the Open Source Intelligence Laboratory at CCI, she examines international terrorism related content for army warfighters using open source data to exploit online content from the dark web, forums, blogs, and social media. At the SSRC, she is involved in the Mississippi Crime and Justice Research Unit where she and colleagues are currently developing text messaging and robotics interventions for students who are bullied in high schools. She is also co-authoring a book entitled, Bullying: Causes, Consequences, and Real Solutions with David May. Other projects explore how and in what ways Google and/or Twitter are used to aid in crime prevention. Download vitae