Colleen Sinclair


Dr. H. Colleen Sinclair obtained her PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Minnesota, with minors in Law, Quantitative Methods, and Interpersonal Relations.  Her early research was focused on attitudes towards and the perpetration of aggression in intimate relationships (e.g., dating violence, acquaintance rape). She was among the first to investigate stalking perpetration in non-clinical populations and develop a scale of attitudes towards stalkers and stalking victims.  The goal in focusing on stalking was to possibly prevent the escalation of violence (e.g., the majority of spousal homicides are preceded by stalking). Indeed, this has become the focus of her current work 1) examining predictors of aggressive perpetration, particularly as linked to social rejection and intergroup dynamics, with the aim to 2) prevent the escalation of violence.  As a result, she now examines a wide array of aggressive behavior, including bullying, hate crimes, political violence, and terroristic threats.  She is also involved in the Open Science movement.

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